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Where To Find Affordable Hyundai Parts In Somersworth

Our vehicles, whether trucks, SUVs, MPV or passenger sedans, are integral to our lives. We rely on them to get us to places of work, to fetch the kids from school, grocery runs to get that much-needed carton of milk and for our family vacations.

So what happens when our vehicles don’t quite drive like they should? Our lives tend to unravel pretty quickly. Regularly scheduled maintenance is important to keep vehicles running efficiently and safely, avoiding any serious mechanical failures. Major breakdowns become not only a serious family logistics nightmare but a financial nightmare on top of that.

Keep your Hyundai vehicle in top driving condition by keeping your Hyundai all original, just like the Hyundai engineers designed them. When it’s time for service or repairs, it’s best to stick to Hyundai service and Hyundai parts.

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OEM Hyundai Parts

The South Korean automaker Hyundai is no newcomer to vehicle manufacture, having been founded way back in 1967. As one of the top global auto manufacturers, Hyundai vehicles feature advanced engineering, sophisticated production methods and the use of quality materials and components. Extensive research and development goes into every new model, ensuring buyers of Hyundai products of a quality mobility solution.

Using only OEM Hyundai parts will ensure that your Hyundai will continue to give many years of hassle-free miles.

What are OEM Parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM) are parts designed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle model. Genuine Hyundai parts offer the assurance that they will fit perfectly in their right place with absolutely no guesswork or trial-and-error by the repairer involved.

Reasons to Choose OEM Parts

As mentioned above, Hyundai OEM parts are made specifically for your Hyundai vehicle and, as such, fit without hassle. The aftermarket parts industry is a huge business in the US, with many pitfalls awaiting unsuspecting vehicle owners looking to do repairs themselves to save money.

Going the DIY route many times leads to purchase decisions based on price alone. Cheap is not always best, and those bargain aftermarket parts may not be quite the bargain when fitment leads to catastrophic mechanical failure. Global automotive parts supply is extremely competitive and leads to cost-cutting at most corners for these suppliers to remain price-relevant. Shortcuts in material quality, manufacturing processes, and quality control, plus the distinct possibility that cost-cutting measures applied in parts machining practices lead to replacement parts that do not meet Hyundai factory specifications.

Replacement oil filters, for example, as used in almost every internal combustion engine, are tasked with filtering out dirt, carbon deposits and fine metal particles from the engine oil to allow engines to run without risk of accelerated wear and tear.

Cheap generic aftermarket oil filters can oftentimes lead to serious damage to your engine. The quantity of filter material used is typically less and the materials used in the manufacture do not filter out small particles to the same level as manufacturers specifications. Though the initial purchase price may be far cheaper than going OEM, the resulting damage can lead to costly repairs running into thousands of dollars.

OEM replacement parts are made to fit right and will reduce the risk of mechanical failure, leading to the possibility of an accident with dire consequences. Your and your family’s safety is paramount, so taking chances with dodgy aftermarket parts does not seem like a good idea to save a few dollars.

Service and repair costs are part of vehicle ownership, and avoiding unnecessary labor hours being billed trying to get non-genuine parts to fit adds up to expensive repair bills plus the inconvenience of lengthy repair delays.

The resale value of your Hyundai vehicle is always a consideration when it’s time to sell or trade-in your vehicle. Genuine Hyundai parts ensure the correct working of the vehicle and the longevity of the components. Most times, buyers of pre-owned vehicles will see higher value in a vehicle with manufacturer service records than those with non-franchised service records.

Why Buy Hyundai Parts From Granite Hyundai?

Keeping your Hyundai looking good and in the best possible driving condition is made easier with Hyundai parts from Granite Hyundai.

Expertise and Knowledge

As your Hyundai automotive dealership, when looking for service parts or replacement parts our dealership is dedicated to delivering a high-quality service to customers, including delivering genuine OEM parts to our customers.

Our service department team has the specific knowledge and expertise to assist you in getting the right Hyundai parts for your vehicle. Directly involved in the service and repair, along with focused knowledge of Hyundai products, means that our team will be able to help you quickly and without delay. Our team knows the importance of ensuring the correct fitting of parts to the vehicles we’re servicing using genuine Hyundai parts.


With a large inventory of factory OEM parts in stock at all times, our service department is able to get you your Hyundai parts quickly and without fuss.

For the ultimate convenience, Hyundai parts are available to order online. Simply place your order online with our easy-to-use webpage, and our team will call you as soon as the part is ready for pickup.

Our parts department is available directly and will gladly take your call for any questions regarding Hyundai parts or may visit us at our dealership in Somersworth, NH.

Top-Rated Customer Support

Now in the 18th year of selling and servicing Hyundai vehicles, Granite Hyundai is committed to bringing the best possible value to Hyundai owners, with the dealership consistently achieving top rankings for sales and service in customer satisfaction surveys.

With our state-of-the-art facility, Granite Hyundai, formerly known as Somersworth Hyundai, has become a leader in customer support for years and is now one of the largest Hyundai dealers in NH, ME and VT.

Recall Information

If and when things do go wrong, and Hyundai Automotive issues a vehicle recall for any safety-related or quality-related fault, our service department will notify our customers to advise the recall campaign process.

Even if you did not purchase your Hyundai vehicle from our dealership, we will gladly assist in this recall process. For convenience, simply contact us and allow us to better assist you during your call by sharing the last eight characters of your VIN or go online to Hyundai USA’s official site and the recall page and enter your vehicle’s VIN to look up any applicable recall campaigns.

Warranty Support (if applicable)

It’s not difficult to see why Hyundai is so popular with US car buyers. Hyundai’s Assurance program includes America’s best vehicle warranty of a five-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, a ten-year/100,000-mile power-train warranty and five-year unlimited roadside assistance.

When bringing in your Hyundai for any repairs, we will check on our dealership database whether your Hyundai is still eligible for cover on any associated repair and or replacement of parts under the terms of the Hyundai warranty terms.

Proper Part Maintenance and Care

Using OEM parts ensures that parts supplied have been properly packaged, transported and warehoused with no compromise on quality control to deliver parts in perfect condition made to fit and function exactly as Hyundais engineers intended.

Have Our Technicians Install Your Hyundai Parts

Have complete peace of mind by having our Hyundai-trained technicians install your Hyundai parts.

Correct installment of parts to factory specifications ensures that your vehicle will continue to drive at its best, giving you many miles of safe driving.

Hyundai Parts FAQs

Where can I buy genuine Hyundai parts?

Genuine Hyundai parts are available directly from Granite Hyundai using our convenient online parts order page or, by visiting our parts department in person, or by calling the dealership to speak with our team.

Hyundai vehicle owners will also find a readily available choice of authentic Hyundai online auto parts shops for sourcing OEM parts and accessories. Typically, providing your vehicle VIN number will allow the most accurate way to find you the right part.

Can I install Hyundai parts myself?

The short answer is yes. However, some Hyundai parts installation may require advanced mechanical skills and tools that only Hyundai-trained technicians and dealerships can provide.

How can I identify genuine Hyundai parts?

It’s easy to spot genuine Hyundai parts by performing a few quick steps to check on the packaging, tilt the label to view the Hyundai logo, and the logo will change to Mobis when tilted.

Another way to tell if your part is authentic is to tilt the box, and on the right-hand side, the blue box on the label will turn into the Hyundai logo.

Order Parts at Granite Hyundai

To keep your Hyundai running just the same as the day it left the factory, don’t hesitate to contact Granite Hyundai to find the right replacement part at a fair price or to schedule a repair or service. Our team is ready to help you find the right parts for your need and to make the installation process as easy as possible!

Find our parts department online or visit our dealership here in Somersworth, NH, to experience our commitment to service excellence.

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